You’ll Be Floored By Today’s Laminate

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and this article in Goskagit.Com reminds us that turkey isn’t the only option: by Vince Richardson.

Thank you for that important reminder, because we sometimes forget that we always have options in everything. Yes, that includes flooring. For instance, real wood isn’t the only option if your heart says yes to hardwood, but your wallet says no to the cost.You can still have the look  of hardwood with laminate, and buy it at Completely Floored in Everett, WA.

Today’s modern technology is pretty amazing, so you can get laminate with an extraordinary realistic look, what with all the colors, species and patterns. It’s perfect for any environment, whether your look is modern or traditional. You can even get laminate with features, such as hand-scraping or a distressed look, perfect for your motif if your environment is country farmhouse, colonial or rustic.

The high-style look isn’t the only advantage of laminate, such as:

●    It’s durable. Laminate is made of pressed wood, with a photographic image placed on top and a melamine “wear layer” placed over that; it resists scratches, moisture and the wear and tear caused by heavy foot traffic, running kids and pets.
●    It doesn’t fade. Unlike hardwood, which can fade, laminate does not. That’s because laminate has UV protection built right in--hardwood can’t do that since it’s all-natural.
●    It’s easy to clean. Sweep or damp-mop regularly; for more thorough cleaning, use water and a manufacturer-approved detergent.  Just be sure to avoid excess water so it doesn’t get into the joints and possibly warp it.
●    It works with almost any sub-floor. These can be challenging, but laminate is so versatile you can even place it over concrete.
●    It’s hypoallergenic. There’s no place for dust mites or other particles to embed themselves, and an underlayment will protect moisture from getting in and letting mold to grow.
●    Price. This one’s easy, because laminate is about half the price of real hardwood.

Completely Floored, located in Everett, WA services the surrounding areas and carries a large inventory of laminate, carpet, tile, hardwood, luxury vinyl and vinyl.