Can hardwood flooring be installed over particle board?

As highly sought after as hardwood flooring is, it only makes sense to ensure the perfect installation service. One of our most-asked questions is whether hardwood can be installed over particle board, and we want to address that in today’s post.

Specifics about hardwood flooring and particle board

In short, we do not recommend using particle board as an underlayment for hardwood flooring. Here are a few of the most important reasons why.

  • Particle board is a cheap filler material, often used to give height to carpet, installed on top of another, more structural subfloor.
  • It can absorb excessive amounts of moisture.
  • It can be brittle and non-trustworthy.
  • Nails cannot be adequately anchored in this material.
  • These are just a few reasons this material isn’t proper for placement underneath a solid or engineered hardwood flooring. But we don’t want to leave you with what you can’t use without mentioning something about what can be used. So here are a few materials that make an excellent foundation for wood floor installation.
  • Plywood (CDX, Tongue-and-groove, etc.)
  • Concrete
  • Some types of old flooring
  • Your own hardwood flooring experience will be specific to your situation. For questions and information about these factors only, be sure to stop in and speak with a flooring professional when you’re in the area.

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