Should I level the subfloor before a laminate flooring installation?

Every flooring installation is different. Some are more complicated and require special abilities and tools.

The only leveling you need to do is to smooth out the surface to get rid of any bumps or dents.

Subfloors are important

This is the foundation on which you surface (finished) surface rests. It gives sturdiness and balance and is attached to the floor joists. In a kitchen, appliances are usually attached to this surface.

happens to be DIY-friendly, but remember a huge part of how your surface looks will depend on that you do underneath. With a few exceptions, laminate flooring can be placed over an existing floor, but the subfloor condition is an important part of the installation.

It should always be repaired and sometimes even replaced, when necessary. If it needs to be smoothed out, and you don't do it, you'll end up with squeaks and a rough, uneven, crooked finished surface.

Always be sure the subfloor is clean and dry

●Sweep thoroughly to be sure all dust and particles are gone and remove any other debris.
●Look carefully for moisture, especially if you’re laying over concrete. It’s a good idea to use a moisture meter; it should register under 12 %. Be sure there’s no water damage or rotting; if there is, get the advice of a flooring expert as to next steps.
●Be sure any grout lines are sufficient.
●If the subfloor’s plywood, sand if necessary.

Note: You must read the installation manual before you proceed. If you have questions, speak to your floor professional or get advice from laminate floor installers. Be sure to follow directions carefully so that the warranty is protected.
Where do I place the underlayment?
The underlayment gets placed between the subfloor and finished floor but shouldn’t be used to hide flaws or as a shortcut to smoothing.

Underlayments are important in this kind of installation, especially since the material “floats” over existing floors. It gives it stability and sturdiness. An underlayment reduces noise and makes it a little softer on which to walk.

Some laminate comes with a pre-attached underlayment. If yours does, there’s no need to buy another one.

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